A brief introduction to our school

Our school has a lot under its belt. Built on a vineyard in 1902, it survived two world wars, the moon landing, the wild 70s and two extensive renovations. Due to the rapid growth of the Affoltern district, a further extension building will be added within the next few years. Also, School Riedenhalden will be restructured into a Day School. Our school accompanies the children from kindergarten through primary school to the completion of secondary school. Affoltern is known for its extraordinary mix of cultures and classes. At this level, too, the school achieves immensely. The QUIMS program and Lehrplan 21 created inner growth by increasing the quality of multicultural interaction and a modern learning environment. The teachers attend several further training courses a year in order to stay up to date.

We can QUIMS!

Multicultural schools are facing special challenges. The Riedenhalden School receives additional financial and professional support from the canton for its mission of promoting school success, language and integration with specific measures, because quality in multiculturalism is the top priority at our school. From kindergarten onwards, the children receive language and school support and are socially integrated. It is hoped that this will increase educational opportunities and social integration. This calculation works: The classes are well mixed and there is generally a happy learning atmosphere. Circles of friends are culturally diverse and by and large there is a peaceful atmosphere, even outside of the classroom. Parents are actively involved in everyday school life, be it through meetings, events, lectures and happenings organized by the Parents’ Council. You can find out more about QUIMS here

Lehrplan 21 - The new curriculum

In addition to QUIMS, the “inner values” also include curriculum 21. This divides the eleven school years into three cycles. The 1st cycle consists of two years of kindergarten and the first two years of primary school (until the end of the 2nd grade). The 2nd cycle consists of four years of primary school (3rd to 6th grade) and the 3rd cycle three years of secondary school (7th to 9th grade) and is divided into six subject areas; Languages, Mathematics, NMG (Nature, Mankind and Society), Art, Music as well as Sports. From the advanced level, modules are added to the existing ones. These modules cover the topics of media and computer science, professional orientation and project teaching. In addition, the students can attend electives and free subjects that correspond to their interests. You can find out more about Lehrplan 21 here

School Riedenhalden 2.0

A lot will change in our district in the next few years. Affoltern is growing, new settlements are being built and new students/families are joining our school. For these reasons, the school will be expanded in the coming years with the construction of a three-storey pavilion at the playground. Don’t worry, the existing playground will be moved to another location. As part of the Day School 2025 project, the Riedenhalden school will be restructured into a day school over the next few years. You can find out more about the day school here

Below you can see the construction plan for the school extension for the period February – August 2023