Parents for parents

School can be really difficult. Not just as a child, but (or more importantly) as a parent. After all, a lot has changed since we went to school.

The Parents’ Council in Riedenhalden gives you information that should make everyday school life easier for you. You get an overview of events, the school system, what  changes will be coming and what will remain, what options you have and what opportunities you and your child can use. Clear and understandable.

Who we are

We are interested and motivated parents of children from all school and kindergarten classes. We are involved in school events, great projects, various events and organized parent training. We represent the interests of parents and act as an interface between school and parents. And sometimes we give out free croissants or pizza. You’re welcome. 

Be a part of the Parents`Council

We attend your childs class on the first parents’ evening of the new school year and would like you to join our team. You then have the opportunity to fill out a registration form and join the Parents’ Council after a vote. It all sounds very bureaucratic, but actually everyone can take part. 

We are looking forward meeting you! 

You can find more detailed information in german here (we are working on english copies):