Tablets, iPhones, televisions, etc. are ubiquitous and consumption can get out of hand. There are many dangers lurking online and children are just a few clicks away from porn and violence. So how can I make an impact as a parent?

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  1. Talk to your children about these dangers and seek an open dialogue.
  2. Limit time and content on iPhone and tablet directly via Parental Controls and Family App either on your childs device  or from your device.
  3. To trick clever kids, you can make some settings yourself on your WLAN router.
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Example Swisscom router:

  1. Login to the web portal at http://internetbox.home (you must be connected to the Internet-Box).
  2. On the left hand side in the navigation under Applications you will find the child protection function in the overview.
  3. Click on Parental Controls and enable Parental Controls for the desired device by clicking the “Off/On” toggle.
  4. To determine start and end time, click on the time axis of a day of the week in the detailed view of the device and drag it to the right or left while holding down the mouse button.
  5. Finally, all you have to do is confirm your entries with “save“. From now on, the device will only be able to access the Internet via LAN or WLAN at the times you have specified.

Quarreling or bullying

It’s perfectly normal for children to fight every now and then. 2 days later everything is usually fine again. Forgive and forget. However, if the argument persists, is one-sided and characterized by violence, your child no longer wants to go to school or is afraid to go out, then you should contact the teacher. If you know the parents personally, a conversation can’t hurt either, because maybe they don’t know anything about it and can help. Most of the time, an ongoing conflict is resolved with our school social worker, Mr. Hasler, and then everything is fine again.

However, bullying is different. One speaks of bullying when a group agitates against the supposed outsider for several months (the conflict does not resolve itself). If your child is being bullied and confides in you, or you notice that it is sad or depressed, has anxiety and no longer wants to go to school, then you should contact the teacher and Mr. Hasler. An intervention is initiated with the aim of reintegrating the victim into the class.

In today’s digital world, bullying can also happen outside of school hours and in secret. If your child is being harassed via chat or image, you should save the text or image and, depending on the hardship, first contact the teacher and the school management (if it is a student) and/or go to the police. 

Contact school administration 
Contact school social work