Our library

Welcome to the library of the Riedenhalden school! Here your child will find many fun, exciting and informative books, audio books and comics. All media are arranged according to subject areas and age groups. This makes it easy for your child to find a book that suits their age and interests. At the beginning, the teachers accompany your child to the library during a German lesson and help them to choose something.

Opening hours


09.55 – 10.15, 13.00 – 13.40, 15.30 – 16.30


13.00 – 13.40


09.55 – 10.15


13.00 – 13.40, 15.30 – 16.30


13.00 – 13.40


The Riedenhalden school has been taking part in the Biblioplus project since the 2014/15 school year.

A Biblioplus library

• is open every day if possible
• also offers opening hours outside of school hours
• Is supervised by trained Biblioplus coaches (teachers or librarians)
• Supports and accompanies the participation of students in borrowing
• is a place of encounter and learning
• Offers advice and support in the areas of reading and writing and using the computer (e-doing).
• Offers freedom to design yourself
• Offers guided classes and guided clubs
• also wants to be a cozy place for “doing nothing”, browsing and chatting
• Offers events here and there (readings, school newspaper, monthly topics, etc.)

The library is therefore a place with open doors, where people learn, live, read, write, trade on the computer and rest.


Schubifüchse (library foxes) are helpers in the library. Do you like coming to the library? Do you like books? Would you like to help borrow and store the books and audio CDs? If you can answer these questions with yes, and are at least in the 4th grade, then you can register for a quintal before the school holidays.