The school social work

School social work at the Riedenhalden School offers you and your child support and advice in difficult situations.

Mr. Hasler, our school social worker, and his interns are committed to improving the learning environment and the social integration of the children, when your child:

  • can’t find friends in class

  • is regularly involved in arguments on the way to school or at school

  • has a lot of headache, stomach or other pain or

  • shows other conspicuous behavior (e.g. eating too little or too much, withdraws from social life, spends a lot of time on the computer or phone)

  • no longer wants to go to school
  • is becoming increasingly aggressive

You can also contact him as a parent if you:

  • seek educational advice

  • have problems within the family

  • have financial difficulties

  • are looking for suitable leisure activities for your child etc.

The school social work is an independent contact point for children, parents and teachers and aims to act as quickly and solution-oriented as possible in the interests of the child and his or her caregiver(s).

Mr. Hasler provides advice and support with problems or difficulties within a family, social, financial or at school. His office is in the same wing as the school administration, directly opposite to the singing hall. He is an independent person of trust and is bound by a duty of confidentiality. His range of support is aimed at students, teachers and parents. The consultation is free.
Daniel Hasler
Tel. 044 413 26 14
Mobile 079 598 44 9