Student participation

At the Riedenhalden School there are different ways to get involved and contribute as a student. There are the Peacemakers, the break kiosk, the student council and the student parliament. You can also get involved as a Schubifuchs in the library. This promotes communication and independence.

The break kiosk

The break kiosk takes place on Thursday mornings. A group of students, together with 2 teachers, prepare healthy and tasty snacks and sell them during the 10:00 a.m. break. Your child can purchase a stamp card for the break kiosk (worth CHF 5 or 10) from the class teacher or pay directly at the break kiosk.

The Peacemakers

The Peacemakers are peacemakers for the playground, classroom and leisure time. The Riedenhalden school introduced Peacemaker to the upper and middle school in 2003. Two students per school class are trained as peacemakers in a two-day course and are supported by trained teachers during the school year. Their task is to be the contact person in the breaks in case of conflicts and to settle them with the mediation methods they have learned. Peacemakers are fair – they don’t take sides with one side or the other. They ensure that conflicts between peers can be resolved in a good way, which improves the school climate.

The Class Council

The class council is an integral part of school life. It offers a first-class opportunity for children and young people to continuously shape their school life and thereby practice democratic behavior, improve their class community and at the same time achieve curriculum goals. In the class council, the children experience that their concerns are taken seriously and that together they can achieve something. They learn that it is worth getting involved in the search for common solutions. They deepen their relationships with each other and with the teacher. These are all important prerequisites for good teaching.  The class council takes place every two weeks in the Riedenhalden school building.

The student parliament

The student council of the middle and secondary school in Riedenhalden consists of two elected representatives per class and meets six times a year. Under the guidance of teachers, the students discuss topics that are relevant to them. They can express wishes and concerns from the classes and help to shape everyday school life to a certain extent. The student council organizes various events throughout the year, such as the Santa Claus visit, the spring quiz or the welcoming event for the new students. At the end of each school year, the representatives receive a diploma from the school administration.