School levels

Committed teachers and many additional specialists await you at our school to help with the individual support of your child. Although all school levels are different, they have one thing in common: parent/teacher conferences 

These can be difficult at times and therefore we would like to give you some suggestions:

  1. Our teachers assess according to the principles set out in Lehrplan 21, which is a new nationwide curriculum to integrate students better who come from a different background and/or have different cognitive skills.

  2. “Criticism” should not be seen as bad, but rather constructive. It is designed to help your child reach their full potential.

  3. When teachers, parents and children pull together, everyday school life becomes easier for everyone.

  4. Communication is very important to us. Stay calm during difficult conversations, think them over the other day and take up the topic again with the teacher if it still stays troublesome.

  5. Teachers not only judge your child, but also about 20 other children. Furthermore, teachers also have a private life which can be challenging as well at times. That’s pretty tiring. Please have some empathy.

  6. All teachers only want the best for your child.