Welcome to our kindergarten. Your child will gain their first school experiences here and be carefully prepared for the coming school years. There are three different kindergarten classes at the Riedenhalden school. Kindergarten 1 and 2 directly at Riedenhaldenstrasse 236 and Kindergarten 3 next to the school building at Riedenhaldenstrasse 208. You will of course receive the allocation in advance and a welcome letter from your teacher with personal information. There will be a list of items your child will need. Usually a small snack bag and a pair of slippers (preferably gymnastic shoes).

Our wonderful kindergarten teachers will accompany your child for the next 2 years of kindergarten with lots of enthusiasm and fun. There will be various project weeks where exciting topics will be dealt with, as well as forest mornings and much more. Our kindergarten teachers are supported by class assistants and teachers in the areas of DaZ (professionals teaching german as a second language), psychomotorik (fine motor skills), speech therapy and  IF (special needs therapy).

Learn more about Psychomotorik.

Does my child need speech therapy?

What is DaZ (german as a second language)?

What is IF (special needs therapy)?

Many parents tend to overworry about what their child has to be able to do for kindergarten. Write? Calculate? We can reassure you: Your child should be able to go to the toilet and undress and dress independently. If that doesn’t work out perfectly, our three charming teachers will be happy to help you at the beginning. Everything else will be worked out in a playful way over the next 2 years.

If your child speaks a mother tongue other than German, that’s no problem. Please continue to promote mother tongue at home. Our DaZ teachers (German as a second language) will be happy to help your child with German. If you would like to enable your child to expand their first language, there is the option of attending a course in their native language and culture (HSK).

Kindergarten is much more than just playing and having fun. Social behavior and teamwork are learned and strengthened, independence is encouraged and of course the child is beeing prepared for their first day at school. Your child will encounter its first steps into writing, reading and doing maths, recognizing and carrying out tasks, observing rules and much more. 

Even in kindergarten there are parent talks. Here the kindergarten teacher will show you your child’s progress and give you an insight into your child’s everyday kindergarten life. However, opportunities for improvement are also discussed if your child is not yet ready in certain areas. Together with the kindergarten teacher, a strategy is then developed that should help your child to overcome certain hurdles. Regardless of the parent talks, you can contact the kindergarten teacher at any time and discuss things that have struck you. Our kindergarten teachers are happy to help and have one or two creative solutions to manage difficulties.

Childen have conflicts, even in kindergarten. These are resolved according to the Principle of New Authority. This means that the children resolve a conflict by becoming aware of their feelings. They ask themselves why they did something and how they can make it up to eachother. The aim is to resolve the conflict amicably and in a way that is satisfactory for both parties.